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OPG & Lateral Ceph


Panoramic radiographs, commonly known as OPG (orthopantomograms) are most often used as general screening in dental check ups, but also to check the development of teeth in children and visualise impacted wisdom teeth.  This enables your teeth to all be visualised together in the same image.    

Lateral Ceph

Lateral Ceph (cephalometric) is most commonly used in orthodontics to check your facial structures from the side, and shows the position of your jaws in occlusion.  

Each one of these x-rays are reviewed and reported by our leading Dento-Maxillofacial and Medical Radiologists, Professor Paul MonsourAssociate Professor Ronnie Ptasnik or Dr Scott McNab.  There is more information about our specialists here.

Both of these x-rays are very low risk, providing high level images at very low levels of radiation.  You are welcome to discuss this with ourselves or your referring doctor.  

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please discuss this with your doctor and tell our staff before your scan.

Before your scan

Please bring your referral form and your Medicare card if you have one.  Directions to our locations can be found here.

During your scan

The scan is quick and simple and you don’t need any preparation. You may need to remove jewellery and headwear that could obstruct the scanner.

The scan is carried out by a radiographer who will put your head in the correct position, you remain standing still while the scanner moves around your head and takes about 10 seconds. Lateral Ceph is a single image taken from the side in the same position.

After your scan

You can return to work and normal daily activities straight away. The images are reviewed and reported by our radiologists and sent to your doctor for review. The doctor can discuss your case with the radiologist if they would like to.