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Implant Studies

CBCT demonstrates the amount of bone available, especially the buccal-lingual / buccal-palatal widths and highlights vital structures such as the inferior alveolar canal.

Impacted Teeth

CBCT of Impacted 23 with root resorption clearly demonstrated

CBCT highlighting IAC position in relation to the roots of impacted wisdom teeth (Dolphin images)





A single CBCT exposure can create the following images: OPG, Lateral Ceph, PA Ceph, SMV, TMJ, Airways


Suresmile Accredited



Airway Analysis

CBCT Volumetric Airway Analysis

Sinus Series

CBCT clearly demonstrates the osteo-meatal unit complex exposing the patient to a lower radiation dose than a medical CT.

CBCT should be used in circumstances where the clinician is unsure if the symptoms stem from the dental bearing alveolar bone or the overlying paranasal sinuses.

High quality images of both these areas are visualised at the same time avoiding the need for a second examination exposing the patient to even less radiation.


TM Joints


CBCT Sagittal & Coronal views




Lateral Ceph



Bone Age Study